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Forest Schools

Tailor Made Training offer a variety of forest schools options but remember these can be tailored to suit your time, budget and training needs.

Fire Lighting

Over this half day session participants will learn how to safely site a fire and light it using a variety of different methods. You will be shown how to keep it burning whilst maximising the use of the available materials and will learn the different types of campfires and their uses. You will be shown how to work safely around such fires.

After establishing a campfire you will be shown different types of cooking techniques and of course will have the opportunity and eat the food that you will have cooked. There will be an opportunity to make your own 'Campfire Bread!' Depending on the season, staff will encourage you to scavenge for some extras for your meal and show the ways of cooking these items.

Shelter Building

This half day session will teach participants some of the basic knots required for safely building various shelters. You will be able to build your own tent from a tarpaulin and can have a go at erecting your own hammock complete with rain cover.

Tailor Made Training would encourage participants to combine one or more of these sessions with our camp craft courses and have a night out under the stars. There is no better feeling than lying totally relaxed under the twinkling stars as you drift off to sleep. 

Basic Tool work

A half day session that will introduce you to some basic greenwood working tools such as penknife, bow saw, billhook and hand axe. Staff will teach participants how to safely make a variety of simple projects from freshly cut wood and how to harvest the greenwood that we will be using in a sustainable way.

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We are pleased to announce that our business is changing for the better. We have introduced a whole new set of courses and a whole new look to go with them. Although we will still be delivering courses through Qualsafe Awards we have added to this to cover the demand for the different types of courses that we have been asked for. It took a little longer than we had hoped but now we are back up and running.

Tailor Made Training would like to thank everyone for their patience during this transition. 

We hope you enjoy the new site.


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